My Goals for 2018

At the start of a new year, I always find it both satisfying and motivational to set a series of goals for myself. Some may call these new years resolutions, however, I believe that setting resolutions can actually be rather counter-productive. Often these resolutions are cliche, or difficult to maintain, and therefore when they are broken (which at some point they most likely will) it is demotivating. Instead, goals are something to achieve rather than something to change.
For example, instead of saying 'I want to exercise more' it is more of a case of saying 'I am aiming to exercise four times a week'. Setting these targets can be motivating and stimulating to achieve.
The way that I organised my goals for 2018 was in the terms of 'short-term' and 'long-term' goals. By this, I am referring to whether the goal is imminently achievable, or a lifestyle goal that is generally achieved over a longer period of time. For example, a short-term goal could be to pursue a vegan diet in January, whereas a long-term goal could be to actively incorporate meditation into daily life. I hope that this differentiation makes sense, but I promise if you try this in the future, you will feel much more organised in setting out things to achieve.
In continuation, in this post, I am going to be sharing some of my short and long-term goals for 2018. Hopefully, these goals will motivate you to strive for achievement (in whatever context) and ultimately inspire you to make a positive change in your life.

Short-Term Goals

1. Achieve top grades at the completion of my A-Levels in August 2018.

This goal may seem peculiar to some, however, I have found that setting myself goals like this make me hungry for success. It is also a good idea to set yourself up for success I believe.

2. Enrol to study English Literature at my dream University in August 2018.
Again, this is a goal to motivate me to push myself. If you can visualise where you want to be at a particular point in time, it is much easier to work backwards and plan out the necessary steps to achieve this goal.

3. Be conscious of how much coffee I am drinking to help with stress and anxiety.

This is a rather personal one, but during highly anxious and stressful periods (e.g. exam season) I find that drinking coffee sends me spiralling at a point when I am already on high alert. Therefore, I have set myself this goal with the aim of slowly 'weaning' myself off of regular coffee drinking so that I can reap the benefits later on in the year during exam season.

4. Plan for starting a blog in January.

I have to say, this is the goal that I was most excited for and I am absolutely enthralled to have already achieved. For me, creative writing is such an outlet and joy, therefore I knew that I wanted to incorporate this into my life in 2018. 

5. Read at least 25 books throughout the year.

This is a personal goal that I have set to encourage me to regularly read. On one hand I am a complete bookworm, however, on the other hand, I struggle to clear the time to read. This is something that I desperately wanted to work on in 2018, and by setting a realistic goal to strive for I will hopefully feel intrinsically pushed to read more in daily life. 

Long-Term Goals

1. Look after my body through regular diet and exercise.

This is perhaps the most cliche of my goals. However, this is definitely something that I want to incorporate into my lifestyle. I love exercising and feeling healthy, yet in 2017 it always seemed to get pushed to the bottom of the pile in comparison to other social events, or academic deadlines. Therefore, for 2018 I am going to strive to attend the gym at least twice a week, as well as concentrating on 'refining' my diet back to its pre-Christmas state.

2. Look after my mind through daily yoga or mediation. 

Again, this is another rather cliche goal. However, in 2017 I put my mental wellbeing on the backburner. By completing daily yoga or mediation I am hoping that I will feel generally more productive and less stressed and that this is a lifestyle that I can incorporate into my life for the longer term. 

3. Embrace change.

Internally, I struggle with the changes in my life. I think that being seventeen/eighteen is really difficult in the terms of feeling trapped between a child and adult, which is exactly how I feel. I am excited to create a life of my own (that I hopefully love) yet I still find the thought of leaving my childhood home for University terrifying. Therefore, I really want to teach myself to embrace change. This is definitely an 'easier said than done' goal, however, this is a mindset that I really want to strive to adapt to the future.

4. Create my own sense of security.

Again, this relates to how I intrinsically feel. I have lived in the same home my entire life, I've never spent more than a week away from my parents and I've grown accustomed to living a pretty sheltered childhood. I'm aware that moving away to University this summer is going to be a huge step, and part of working towards this goal for me is creating my own sense of security. By this, I mean that I need to learn to rely on myself, rather than on other people or places for comfort. Although I am independent, I have never lived without the concept of home, and I know that when the time comes I am going to find it really difficult, hence why I need to work on feeling secure within myself, rather than based upon other people or surroundings.

5. Work on my confidence and social skills. 

Lastly, I really want to work on my confidence and social skills. I was an extremely shy child who hid mostly behind her parents in social situations. I have definitely started to work towards being more confident, and I have noticed a change in myself in the past few years. However, to get myself out into the adult world successfully, I need to work on being able to talk to people, and feeling confident in myself whilst doing so. 

Here are my goals, what are yours?
Remember, this is your year. Embrace it.

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