I am a lover of poetry. 
For the past couple of years, I have been writing poetry in my own time, but I have never had an outlet to publish it. Therefore, I am planning on publishing a couple of my poems here, to share with anyone who adores poetry as much as I do. 

This first one is called Passion:


I believed myself to be in love,
A stereotyped happiness,
An impending sadness,
You made me float,
Way above mortal affection.

I can’t explain,
My love for you.

It disappears,
Like the sun in the winter,
Like the snow in the summer.
A gentle breeze,
A dead man’s liquor,
A passionless affair.

Should we question ourselves,
On all that is felt,

Or all that is absent,
An unsigned agreement.

Or do I simply wave goodbye,
To a young girl’s dream,
A melancholic high.

A passionless love,
Or a loveless passion,
It is beyond repair,

My inexplicable love affair.

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